I’m in Standardized Testing Hell

Get lots of sleep. Eat a good breakfast.

And be grumpy.

It’s that time of year! Standardized testing time.

I have refused in year’s past. Oh yes, you *can* refuse! Don’t use the word “opt out.” It’s all in the wording.

Truth be told, I’m not a big “test” fan. Can you tell? These things tell me nothing that I don’t already know. My kid struggles with reading? Ya think? Yeah, I already knew that. He excels in science and math? Yeah? Didn’t need a test to tell me that either.

Nor did I need one to tell me the positives and negatives of his school. Any tuned in momma should know that.

So, why didn’t I refuse this year? Because I’m tired. And I felt like I needed to pick my battles.

Both of my kids have IEPs under the SLD-reading category, but both have very different academic strengths and weaknesses. One is diagnosed dyslexic. And one is diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

So, a lot of my days are spent researching reading programs and assistive tech and IEP goals. By the time I get back around to standardized testing, I’m spent.

Add to that Tennesse decided to have a ginormous testing window this year. Our school is literally testing over THREE weeks. Three.Weeks.

Oh, and did I mention we have a figure skating competition smack dab in the middle?

So, how are we staying sane?

Thankfully, the weather is beautiful here, so we’re trying to spend a little time outdoors each evening. Our neighborhood is family friendly, so that makes it easier.

I am NOT making them practice reading during the testing window. ¬†They read enough during the actual test and they come home exhausted. Hey, Dept of Ed – that’s yet another reason to cut back on these high-stakes tests!

We still focus on the things they find fun. My son advanced a belt in jiu-jitsu, and that was a celebration! And my daughter is gearing up for her local figure skating competition. We’re making those “the focus” – testing is secondary.

Still, I get grumpy kids often after school.

Anyone else feeling it? What’s your advice?¬†

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