Confession: Today I Hate Dyslexia

Guest Blog by Eileen Miller, Ignite Dyslexia Awareness

Confession time: Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up grumpy and was grumpy all day. Yesterday, I HATED dyslexia. My mood was not affected by anything earth shattering or anything I will remember months from now.

It was the little things that made me hate dyslexia.

I hated dyslexia because …

I received three phone calls from concerned parents about their child’s IEP. After reviewing the IEP’s I came to the conclusion that they were not worth the cost of the paper. Poor goals, not appropriate accommodations, and no assistive technology. I’m thinking to myself, when will this get better?

I hated dyslexia because …

I had to proof not one but three papers for my daughter’s scholar program at school. Yes, proofing is still needed even though she has had intervention at a young age. Dyslexia is still there.

I hated dyslexia because …

of its superpower of taking time away from people. I’m always telling my husband that he had the gift of time in college and in life. What a treasure that would be for children with dyslexia.

I hated dyslexia because …

I worry that I’m not doing enough for the students that I help. Is what I’m doing enough? Will they thrive in school and in life? What can I do to help more? Do I have what it takes? The questions were endless yesterday.

I hated dyslexia because …

the public school system is so broken on so many levels. I fully understand that it may not all be fixed for the children who are currently in school even with the new Dyslexia Screening law. I’m holding onto the belief that it will be better but never perfect.

I hated dyslexia for the children who don’t have family support or economical means to find the help.

I just hated dyslexia all day. Right before bed, I saw a sweet post on CHAT DD-TN Facebook site that made me smile. It’s the small victories that keep me going.

Today, I love dyslexia for all the people in my own family who have it. I can’t imagine my life without them nor would I change them. They are gems in my life.

Today, I love dyslexia when I get to see the gained confidence children get when they realize they can do the hard and come out the other side stronger.

Today, I love dyslexia because I had the opportunity to meet another amazing child and his family and I know their potential is far greater than they might now realize.

Yes, dyslexia is hard but it’s so important for us as a community to share the small victories as well as the struggles. It is what keeps me going. Thank you DD-TN community for changing my attitude around yesterday. Today I’m empowered to do more. Thank you for the attitude adjustment.

Happy Friday everyone!


About the Author: Eileen Miller is the founder and owner of Ignite Dyslexia Awareness based in Tennessee. She offers dyslexia screening, advocacy, and tutoring. She is also a co-founder and co-leader of Decoding Dyslexia-TN. 

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