Dyslexia, the Mountain

So, my husband and I went hiking this past weekend. It’s one of our favorite things to do! This particular trail is a HARD one. It’s steep. Rocky. You have to closely watch your step or you could fall. You literally could die if you aren’t paying attention.

Yet, we keep coming back to it. This was our 5th time to the top of Mt LeConte.

And as I hiked my feet hurt, my heart pounded …and I thought about my family’s journey with dyslexia.


There were times on this mountain I thought about quitting. Turning back. I kept going because my best friend was hiking with me – and ever so often we would come upon a rock formation, rhododendron forest or view that would take our breath away.

We had to prepare too – hiking boots, water, clothing, and food. I would have certainly quit without the proper preparation!

But I was prepared …


As I think of our kids with dyslexia – I think of my son. He has the support of loved ones. And preparation in the form of tutoring, assistive tech & even counseling when needed.

Not all kids have that. Some face that mountain with no adult guidance. No supports. No prep. For them, they may give up before seeing the blessings that come from the climb. And that worries me.

Dyslexics make up a large chunk of both entrepreneurs and prisons.

Kids without support may not see the gift in the mountain that those with support see. Instead, they feel every steep step of that excruciating climb.

As I was climbing, though, I also noticed the amazing camaraderie of strangers who shared the experience of that mountain. An older gentleman dropped his water. I started to give him mine when a teen boy hopped down the cliff to retrieve it.

We encouraged one another. We share our life-giving water with others who we see maybe weren’t as prepared at the start of the journey. Or who possibly were prepared, but lost their way …

“You’re almost there! Not too much further! Just three more steep parts! It’s WORTH it!”

It’s worth it.


And this is why I co-founded Decoding Dyslexia-TN. The journey is hard, but I do feel that with the climb comes amazing strengths. We can support one another. And we can celebrate the views together in our own secret community that you only get to join if you have this mountain to climb.

If we can get ALL kids to discover the gifts that lie within all of us …there are some amazing sights to come. And we gain strength from each climb.

I’ll see you on the mountain top, Deelexia parents!

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