Mom, I got this! Dyslexia and Milestones

When they are little, you prepare them. When they are “behind” in something, no matter what it is, you worry. And no matter how much you do, you always wonder if you are doing enough.

My son who has severe dyslexia transition to middle school this year. He’s also my oldest child, so this is my first rodeo with middle school. Ever, actually. The “middle school” I attended was a small, rural, k-8th grade school whereas he is going to a monster middle school – the largest in our urban district!

I was worried. How will he ever learn to open a locker? So many adults and teens with dyslexia say they never mastered this. The school requires a certain lock. What if he can’t do it? Will he be able to use the assistive tech we sent for him? Will he remember his class schedule? Will he get lost? Will he be bullied? Will the teachers understand or will he get one who is a mean because he can’t read well?

Oh my God! He has SPANISH?!?!?! Dyslexia makes English difficult enough, how will he master SPANISH?!?!

All these thoughts and a million more ran through my head – constantly.

But let me tell you, he wore a t-shirt on the first day that I should have paid closer attention to because it read “I got this!” 


And he does.

This child has BLOSSOMED with the new freedom and responsibility! He LOVES middle school! He is confident. He got his lock combo first try (thanks to his dad) & now does it easily. He is playing football, taking chorus, and making new friends (and keeping old friends). He even said he wishes school was in session last SATURDAY! WHAT?!?!

I was worried, but he proved to me that I was worrying for naught. He’s got this.

We’re doing okay, Mommas. Our kids are rock-stars.

Links to the assistive tech he finds most helpful:

*C-Pen Reader
* I-Pad Mini
* Chromebook 

A book that I recommend for promoting self-esteem:

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

Also, I love this website devoted to assistive tech and dyslexia.

*affiliated link

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